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Download mp3: scarlxrd – FADED new song, new hot hip hop song by scarlxrd title faded lyrics and audio mp3 available, very beautiful song for hip hop lovers.


ego trips
that all that i see i aint with that shit
you aint sick
next try be silent
fucking hypocrite
more to win
bout to get this money i ain’t bored of it
go torture him
do it like you did me you’re an awful bitch.
i was wasting time out here just tryna save a hoe
had to cut that bitch off she was leaching on my dough
come see how i’m living realise im still the goat
fresher than your favourite and i hardly change my
my Nigga I’m doing the most hey
Feels like I’m bad to the bone hey
Spent too much time on my own hey
Might wrap that rope round my throat hey
i like to save i don’t spend
i got some shit i regret
i don’t show up with rest
invite me i still wont attend
find yourself thats the mission
know the fate your resisting
try to hide your beginnings
the fear of death only affects the living
Push those thoughts you want to say back to their
Shut the fuck up and go do just as your told

Download mp3: scarlxrd – FADED new song

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