Leon Cox – Fuel Up “2018 Soca” (Trinidad) mp3 download


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Produced by: Simply Natural Family, Miguel Charles, Leon cox.

Mixed by: Val Musik Productions.

Mastered by: Nikolai.

Fuel up is basically a song that came to me one night while in my home studio. I was just about to power on my keyboard and that still voice in my head said Fuel up .I looked around but no one was in my room. I started humming the word Fuel up a few times thinking ,this might make a nice soca song. I called up one of my friends who writes music and we started to vibe the song. We both felt that this song will be ideal for Carnival. It’s the simple things that make a good song become great like a word everyone can relate to. in this case FUEL is a necessity, for cars ,planes and machinery in one form and for people it’s in the form of physical and spiritual food because fuel can be anything that gives you a perpendicular lift. so we decided that this Carnival everyone should have their fuel to stay high which relates to the other word UP. After two months of producing we finally decided on releasing this polyrhythmic beat which means, two different beats at the same time. We also used some bright plugins to get the best sounding tone that will energize the entire Carnival…

So enjoy this Soca,which means soul of calypso…

Welcome to Carnival…

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