Nisa – Life In Leggings (Guapo Riddim) “2018 Soca” (Trinidad) mp3 download


[Subscribe] | [Instagram] | [Main] | Its not ok!! It was never ok!! Street Harrasment makes many women uncomfortable! A cat call, is not a “compliment’. We have been assaulted by the tongues and predator like stares of men for centuries, to the point where women who feel uncomfortable are burdened, and sometimes afraid to verbally say anything to their attackers. This song is my version of saying , ” AH DOE LIKE IT” , ” AH DONT WANT IT”, “AH CUYAH TAKE D DISRESPECT”. “IF YOU HAVE NOTHING RESPECTFUL TUH SAY, DOE SAY NUTTING AH TALL, LEHMEH WALK D ROAD IN PEACE”. It is my hope that one day men will understand how it looks, how it feels and change the rhetoric. A girl can dream. but till then. PRESS PLAY! and SHARE!

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