Banjela – Walk De Road “2018 Soca” (Trinidad) mp3 download


Performed by: Banjela
Written by: Addelon Braveboy (Banjela)
Produced by: Kendoyll Simpson ‘KSBEATS’
Recorded and additional production by: Zigboi / Studio X
Background vocals by Alayah Harvey and Addelon Braveboy (Banjela)
Mixed and Mastered by: Spine
Artwork by: Sheldon Mendoza


  1. This is definitely a jouvert 'pump' even a Monday n Tuesday chipping song after crossing any judging point,not to mention the bass coming from any DJ box at a party or all inclusive fete.The song is an invitation to seek a higher power no matter the trials n tribulations one is facing in this market place we call earth.
    It tells us even tho man may fail to lend a helping hand when it's needed we must traverse alone to sometimes complete certain tasks n there is always light after darkness, a calm after any storm etc So many messages in this particular song one can relate to cuz if we have not gone through such an experience one should expect to sometime in their life.Keep walking the road your on Banjelà cuz it certainly working out in ur favour.Ppl plz share n subscribe !!!!!!!


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