Anzola – Fantasy (Lyric Video) “2018 Soca” (Trinidad) mp3 download


[Subscribe] | [Instagram] | [Main] | Written by- Jeremy “Anzola” Anzola
Produced by- Bing Bang Studios in collaboration with Ept Entertainment.
Video by: Danielle Blaize Danielle Blaize2D/3D Artist & Animator
in collaboration
with Anansi Productions and Ept Entertainment

Fantasy is basically a description of my first time playing mas and experiencing carnival last year with a carnival band. For years, I told myself that I did not like mas and I used to go on vacations when carnival time came about. That is, until my crew decided to buy a costume for me without me knowing and surprised me by telling me that I was playing mas and the costume was already paid for. I reluctantly accepted due to the generosity of the offer but coming closer to carnival I got more and more excited. The excitement however really started at the “costume pick up” for the band.

Fetes were amazing but the sheer excitement of being on the road expressing my freedom was the best feeling ever. The heat of the road coupled with the sheer energy of all of these people converging into one island for this giant party was astonishing. The music of the big trucks blasting soca music and the sight of people running down the big trucks for endless all-inclusive drinks and music got my blood pumping and within a few hours I became one of them, a masquerader.

I felt proud that Trinidad could facilitate this every year and the first-hand experience jumping up with the band girls made it even more enjoyable. The song Fantasy is basically a detailed description of my first time mas experience. It aims to relate my story to persons who say that they don’t enjoy carnival. The saying is so true, “dont judge a book by its cover” and “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”.

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