Skinny Fabulous – Party Start (Official Promo Video) “2018 Soca” [HD] mp3 download


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Written by Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle
Interpolation/Adaptation from Gillo Bois Bande
Produced by Eddie Grant and Nicholas Brancker
Additional Production by Fryktion
Mixed and Mastered by Scratch Master

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  1. I like the old school feel but……sigh…..from the build up intro this had potential to be one of the biggest songs this year. its not bad but could have been top 5 if not 10

  2. i love soca that has these old school feel because it reminds of all the times my mom would take me to see what jouvert and mud mas looked like

  3. Big up the old school sample on this, Gillo's "Bois Bande".. The percussion instruments are merely the same but Skinny's energy as well as his awesome writing capacity brings a whole new vibe to it.

    On another note.. I'm here wondering whether our new gen knows what the original sample sounds like.. ?


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