Skinny Fabulous – Money Wine (Official Music Video) “2018 Soca” [HD] mp3 download


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  1. One of the first people to comment, and the first to view it on YouTube, Stay alert!
    That video was different coming out of the Soca Industry. But, a nice different. Skinny is one of my favorite artists in the industry and has close ties with every other artists who probably happen to be a favorite of yours. It kind of bothered me, the fact that he was not seen in the video at all. But, I am sure him and the director had a purpose behind that. I love the lyrics that was added throughout the video as well. I must say the lady in the rainbow stockings did the most in those heals, I managed to love it tho. I hope to produce for this young fella someday, his music is phenomenal and this song is definitely a favorite of mine aside from many of his soca 2018 singles that are out, that I also enjoy. big up to all the ladies in the video, Big up to Skinny and the crew that made this video possible, blessings!


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