Reason – Gimme Back (Official Music Video) “2018 Soca” (Trinidad) mp3 download


[Subscribe] | [Official] | The world we live in changes every day and in every moment so too is our country of Trinidad and Tobago. Has our country changed for better or worse over the years and why has it changed? These pertinent questions are embedded in the minds of citizens each day as they face the harsh reality of murders, robberies, economic woes, poverty among others.

How much longer can we bear the news that a loved one, friend or simply a citizen of this country has been shot, raped, robbed or beaten? Do we have the strength to carry on our daily lives knowing that OUR country no longer belongs to us but is dominated by guns, violence, brutality and by criminals?

How can we ignore the “big boys” that help bring in the guns and are part of the drug trade? The amount of power that business men and politicians have in their hands, in our country, is astonishing and horrifying. One person with power can either make a positive impact or create turmoil in the lives of others.

As an ordinary citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, each of us can do our part to revive our country and restore the sanity and peace that once existed. Simply put, no good effort is never too small or insignificant. Teach your children simple values and morals that were once the cohesive units of our country, speak out against crime and violence and most importantly we must protect our island’s resources which includes protecting not only the physical environment but also our human capital: our brothers and sisters of our beautiful twin island.

Written by: Reshma Jaggesar, student of the University of the West Indies.

Written by Nerrymiah Scipio
Produced by Keyonn Jemmot of Wav Nation
Mixed by by Kmp Music Lab
Background vocals by Joshua Tyson , Pertrice Tyson
Mastered by Precision Productions





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  1. The lyrics is the truth , so on a side note ( just gimme back brass and the ironman) in all the soca tracks the music is not really the same anymore thats the real vibe thats lost in the new ara of soca : (

  2. Pure from the heart n soul??? So much growth! GREAT JOB, #keepBeingHumbleKing ?? #IkTheresMoreToCome #Blessings #AhProud ???

  3. love this song…. we need back those days…make mah feel to go eat a good coconut bake…..keep bringing out all ur best …..god bless u all the way my dear…

  4. Great song, love the message behind it, how it just reminds me how T & T used to be and my childhood. We need more music like this, continue to spread positivity with your platform. You are definitely a role model to youths, using your God-given talent in the best way possible, I wish you nothing but prosperity.

  5. Big up Nerry Proud of you keep doing your thing may God continue to bless you and keep pressing forward great music ?from your girl shaliza much love ?

  6. this is pure and from the heart,great song great music great message, all i could think of is climbing fruit trees as a child and making ,mango chow, bare feet playing in ""D"" road ! i cant help think about my grand mother , i miss her , even tho i get some sweet cut tail from her, i also remember how hard it was for my mother to take care of us her children but she did what she had to and everything was always shared equally with all her children, and she could cook a pot making something out of nothing, " pee and go in alyuh bed!" is what she would say… she would come kiss us, and in the middle of the night she would wake us up to pee, lol a kiss before we go to school and a kiss when we got home, my mothers love, nerry, hmm, my brother and friend , i am happy and proud, i want to let you know that you are now responsible and the journey now start, always be sure of what you want your music to say and do, stay true to your work and dreams , continue to be real, art should always reflect and inspire, i am inspired, i got u bro!..#brogoals #friendshipgoals #beardgang #livegood #thearts #socamusic #culture #responsibility #gimmehback

  7. Your journey has only begun my brother. This song will inspire and generate change. THANK YOU REASON. Much love to you #gimmehback

  8. Love this message as a born Trinidadian living abroad, I have to admit this song bring me not just a feeling of nostalgia but it also makes me believe in Trinidad and Tobago once again. After being concerned with the amount of crimes that has been happening this songs brings me hope. Well done “REASON”!!!!!!!!!! #gimmehback

  9. Positive message indeed. Definitely we need to revisit the former years and extract some much needed values. Very pleased to know it's coming from someone from Fyzabad which to date remains one the better places in our country.

  10. This song is so nostalgic…makes me remember when you could play all day outside and all your neighbours looking out for you. When your neighbour calling to give you a hand of fig or breadfruit and everyone could pass through by you for guava or zabaca. Marble pitch, kite flying, listening to stories from your grandparents…if we all be our neighbour's keeper again then I'm sure that we won't have to reminisce. No more sitting down, we need to start standing up! "No one can win the war takes the wisdom of the elders and the young people's energy". Let us therefore start today!

  11. I could think of a lot of "Reasons" why this song should resonate with every Trinbagonian; it walked us through where we were, where we are and where we could be with unified efforts. A nostalgic watch, a painful reminder of our time and yet a conduit of hope………Congratulations Reason! ….. and oh this song makes me feel to TAKE BACK MEH LAND! and also ride a box cart…lol

  12. This song makes me feel to smile and remember the good days where things were simpler and nicer. Kudos to you Reason!! Great message ??

  13. This song makes me feel to dance and carry onnnnnn! Lol I love it and I'm grateful to have been part… I'm proud of you!! You have really grown as an artist and performer… Love you lots mannn ❤❤✊

  14. #Gimmehback… Wondering where yuh have that bike hiding because this song makes me want to go ride a bike in the road or boxcart down the hill!!!


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