Marvay – Adrenaline Rush (Official Lyric Video) “2018 Soca” [HD] mp3 download


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Produced by: De Red Boyz and The Black Carpet Movement
Written by: Jay- De Belcon, Kyle Noel, Dennison Maloney, Damian Lythcott, Scott Galt, Michael Hulsmeier & Katrina Chandler
Mixed by: Anthony Lowhar at Commercial Music Inc.
Mastered by: Alex Psaroudakis
Executive Producer: RBZ Records Inc.

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  1. My dream is to sit and write and collaborate with this guy . Marvey If you ever read this . My name is Trevon Vibez .. I rate you

  2. Love this song! Black Carpet Movement (trini) and Red Boyz(b'dos) is a great combination! And of course Marvay delivered with the vocals!

  3. ahhhh… finally …. a perfect example of new soca….. den again is red boyz …. much respect !!!!!!!!!!!!…. how to make a hit .. check red boyz

  4. Talk bout another sweet one by Marvay…. My goodness, Red Boyz as always great work!!! listen to this hey bout & times and counting…….

  5. This is why Marvay is Numero Uno, its not just about fantastic Lyrics and Music, you have to be able to feel what you are singing and make me feel it along with you. I don't need to mention "De Red Boyz", they 110% of the time do it how it should be done. **Another Top Of The Line Production**

  6. Yes Marvay ah love it… you get through again… Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn… you have it, you have it…. We in Trinidad and Tobago waiting for you again in 2018 carnival…Suitable name for this song, I actually got an 'adrenaline rush' from listening to this tune. Well done, round of applause a million and one times over.. Take a bow…..

  7. Marvay always has a vibe that can carry anyone’s soul far, if they know the path Soca can truly take them on and realize how not all artist can put great lyrics to a wonderful beat. Big up all writers, producers and those that made this track happen, blessings Marvay!

  8. Marvay is the type of dude i would introduce my friends to who don't listen to soca because his music has international appeal, never the same lyrics over and over. ??????????????????????

  9. This man is a boss here i love the fact that his music is so different and his songs speaks about soca on a whole other level love this man here


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