Aaron Duncan – Better Days (Official Video) “2018 Soca” [HD] mp3 download


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  1. Not a fan of him. But i respect this tune and it couldn't of come at a better time. People out here need something to look up to. And this is so motivational and inspirational.. well done youth man…. you've got my attention #Finally this track is decent and relatable

  2. this tune is awesome and amazing in so many ways..positivity everywhere and spreading rapidly, I wished the rest of the world could absorb such positivity and so much problems of the negative state our world is heading in. MORE POSITIVITY= A BETTER WORLD AND LIFE

  3. Finally some soca that isn't strictly about grinding and horning and teifin people woman and beating rum! Love your work young man keep it up!

  4. This chune has been on my radar since day 1. Glad to see someone so young like Aaron making inspirational chunes that are meant to help our fellow Caribbean people. #BIGUPANDBLESS

  5. RICCOS AND AARON. You would have thought this would happen, but this song deserves 1000000000 views. Such a positive message. Aaron and logic are both my fav singers now

  6. He is the future. His parents boy…..well done for investing in his dreams . His music is consistent I have never heard a song that we left with Aaron Duncan.


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