Muse – Dead Inside [Official Music Video] mp3 download


Watch the new music video for “Dead Inside” now!

Directed by Robert Hales
Dancers: Will B. Wingfield & Kathryn McCormick
Choreographed by Tessandra Chavez

Get Muse’s album DRONES here:


  1. Brilliant song, one of my dearest bands. Simply amazing! I love you Muse, from all my heart. The real saviors and angels here on Earth are these amazing artists who put all their heart and passion in their art. And dont ever compare the power of Music to any other form of art though also poetry, painting, photography and all these can give you freedom, love and peace of mind. But nothing can touch your inner soul and heal your soul like * music, guys. Music and nature, my religion. Peace! Di

  2. Replace the guy with Arthas, and the chick with Sylvanas and you got yourself a wicked awesome cosplay dance video that's guaranteed to get nerds wet all over the internet. We all know why Arthas "enslaved" Sylvanas. Jaina was complaining of headaches all the time.

  3. This song was written clearly to Kate Hudson. I like her in Almost Famous, but i think and noticed she was kinda cold about Matt

  4. Do people actually dislike undisclosed desires? Even with their new stuff I really haven’t found a song I even like averagely from muse


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