Joy Division – Atmosphere [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] mp3 download


Watch the official music video for Joy Division – Atmosphere

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  1. I know the purists will hate this, but check out Scott Kelly's cover of this, it's so fucking good

  2. Such a powerful song about deep struggles. With his wife and Annika, as well as society:not being understood and accepted in life, and his music. very poetic and mesmerizing

  3. I knew about Joy Division before I watched Stranger Things and when they played this song my heart really did break. And honestly to see Jonathan cry in bed while listening to it wad relatable!! Heaven knows I've cried to Joy Division many times

  4. Fuck this sounds atrocious! Keep the music get rid of the voice, Jim Morrison would have been a great fit for this soundscape…

  5. Walk in silence
    Don't walk away, in silence
    See the danger
    Always danger

    Endless talking
    Life rebuilding
    Don't walk away

    Walk in silence
    Don't turn away, in silence
    Your confusion
    My illusion

    Worn like a mask of self-hate
    Confronts and then dies
    Don't walk away

    People like you find it easy
    Naked to see
    Walking on air
    Hunting by the rivers, through the streets, every corner

    Abandoned too soon
    Set down with due care
    Don't walk away in silence
    Don't walk away


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