Jah Prayzer-Most touching-(KUTONGA KWARO)-hello lyrical video mp3 download


Hello by jah prayzer -Kutonga kwaro (Album)


  1. Hello mama always love you……….. ndicharamba ndichitumira cheuviri……kkkk vamwe motengera vasikana iphone asi mai vako vakutokumbira pekuchajisa kambudzi kavo guys lets be serious .hurombo hawo ndotoda kuvatengera private jet cz dai vasipo ndisipo

  2. Most touching song, I feel that I didn't do much for my lovely mother before she died. In tears l will be listening to this song. Timukudzei you are a prophet to most of us. Thanks nesong iyi.

  3. Beautiful rendition reminding all of us to value our parents, do all we can for the, make time for them. Time is precious ????be a blessing while you can.

  4. ndabva ndamhanya koona Amai neka grocery.was upset she wronged me it was now two months without talking to her.ndachema pandainzwa.Amai ndi Mai

  5. ??Hallo mama i love u and to all mothers thanks fr knowing our temperatures before the doctors could tell you are virtuous wmn mncwa

  6. My mom is the best mom. My mom is a Blessing . My mom.is the most beautiful . My mom is a Hero . My mom is my life. Without u mom um nthng. My mom is a virtuous woman, a mom of Dignity and a blessed mom

  7. This song i'm in love with it,my mum passed on two months ago and this got me in tears.I always told myself i had time to do things for her,until we lost her and that hurts me because she always told me that time was not on her side and i just took it for"parents being demanding",all who have their mothers alive today,please make sure SHE has all she needs and wants,see her often,you wont regret as i do.i loved my mum R.I.P MAMA


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