Jah Prayzah – Hossana (Fan video) mp3 download


Offical fan video of “Hossana” from Jah Prayzah’s 7th Album – Mdhara Vachauya.

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  1. Just one among the best thing that have come and enjoyed so much year end.Didn't that Arabs can dancer really well and the worship and ask hosanna to deliver them so i though i don't understand the language.Watching from Nairobi Kenya.this is how the world has become one village.Zimbabwe good job.

  2. Sando kune akaita remix kumberi , tamirira kuti umixer mamwe tifare , thanx , lovely , nyc uye zvinoenderana wena i lyk dis remix

  3. Born in the states my and grew up there, so my shona is just bad af, let me just say.. ndiwo unonzi musambo uyu.. yohwe yohwe,, akaipa murume uyu

  4. Baba ndipeiwo zano pavanondirongera vanofamba kunge mhepo inongombeya mbeya vachiti wenhamo ngaarambe ari wenhama thanx for ur message jah kip it up


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