Dj Stavo ft Jah Prayzah – Simudza Ngoma (Official Video) mp3 download


Brand New Dj Stavo Single:

“SIMUDZA NGOMA” is Dj Stavo’s third Single of 2016

Below is The Link to the Official Audio: Simudza Ngoma

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  1. To some of the negative commentators – guys this is a DJ STAVO HOUSE TUNE featuring Jah Prayzah – it's NOT a Jah Prayzah afro-pop tune featuring Dj Stavo! SO IT'S NOT GONNA SOUND LIKE WATORA MARI AND MUDHARA VACHAUYA. It was never meant to. If you have not been exposed to house music you won't connect with it immediately but the track it HOT HOT HOT. So don't judge wrongly! Indaa muchida kungonzwa the same sound all year??? I feel like a good number of the haters are just Jah Prayzah fans who saw his name and expected another "watora mari" but they simply don't know HOUSE MUSIC.

  2. some people are just hateres, i like alle Jah songs. he writes from the heart, soul and mind its not only for money and fame like some american singers. people should wake up and give his songs a chance, dont just expect the same songs from Jah which must be like Mudhara wachauya or kutonga. come one people Jah is growing and finding him self in the songs to. no one can keep writing the same songs it wil be boring, i admire he made something positiv with DJ Stavos its a nice song im loving it

  3. Stavo's touch on the decks is impeccable. I'm not a big Jah Prayzah fan, but the DJ Stavo touch made it worth my 4mins 25 Secs.

  4. to those who are saying nagative shit about this vids you are so stupid and ignorant, this is one of the best vedios in the indurstry. so stfu….. Dj Stavo all the way.

  5. DJ Stavo music is always lit. Take note its Dj Stavo ft Jah Prayzah its not a Jah song so dont expect it to be Mudhara vachauya or Goto. Great work.

  6. Msathanyoko wena Maphosa Zimbabwe is not a one language country yini ufuna ukuyenza angani shona is the only language there. SIhlama sika nyoko

  7. this is how i want Zimbabwean Music to be presented to the world…not just the fancy cars & beautiful girls, but embracing our language "Shona


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