Yemi Alade – Africa (Official Video) ft. Sauti Sol mp3 download


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  1. I'm Ethiopian?? and so proud to be African! We have so many things, we are so diversified as culture, ethnicities, skin color, religion but if you look attentively you will see we have more things in common, we are African first. So wake up build African, let be United, let love African first cause no one will love and respect African than Africans.

    PS: I'm not saying you should be racist, no. We are not those people, we are a well comming and human people. Racism is not our culture. However some of us are really stupid or alienated, they love venerated white, arabes, Asian culture and people than their own. Whereas Africans are more excludes and humiliated in general by others nation. So what going on ? Let respect our ancestors and embrace Ali our culture and all our blackness.

    Peace and lobe. I adore this music?

  2. I am from Latin America (Nicaragua ??) and I am blessed to live in Mozambique and t travel some other African countries.
    Thanks mama Africa for adopting me ?

  3. am proud to white dont wish to be black,an if i wasblack i dident wanna be white either,guess its how we are not wat colour am married to an african been to africa many times an i love itttt,allll should be proud where they are from.we are different and not.anybody who got ears can hear a good beat stay blessed alll of u

  4. One of the best african music in a long time. Very proud african and nigerian. Yemi Alade and Sauti Sol.. Big up you nailed it. One love.

  5. The Richest MotherLand …….. Nowhere be Like Home ……….. My Anthem everytime I get on a plane at JFK ……. Africa here I come


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