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My Chemical Romance – SING

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    On December 26th (or before if you can make it) we will all watch nanana in honour of the greatest band ever's glory. Let's give them the best present ever: the highest viewed video on YouTube!!! Let's give them what they deserve and what Justin beiber does not deserve to have. Copy and paste this to ALL my chemical romance videos and all music videos!!!
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    Come on killjoys ?

  2. 3:23
    no,no,get those hands off him, he's for the other killjoys, not you, shoo,shoo,go! Wait…wait…what are you doing with that gun…no..oh gosh no. no No NO NOO NOOOO!!!!!

    Turd guy: pew pew

    Me: heart stops

    Gerard: always

    Me:?my baby! MY BABYYYYY!!!

    Turd guy again!: pew pew

    Mikey: forever

    Me: noooooo!

    Okay now he's done

    ray,frank,and girl run for safety

    Oh no…I forgot…

    Frank:*stops and closes door*

    Me: What are you doing?!?!

    ray and girl keep running

    The BL group: pew pew pew…

    Me: just..just

    Frank: a

    BL burst through doors


    Ray: Killjoy

    Girl makes it to safety

    "Always and forever a killjoy"

    The aftermath is secondary

    Killjoys make some noise


  3. Oh… Scarecrow… "Everybody hide your body from the SCARECROW…" I think I'm getting the album story together…

  4. I have a question for the people who dont like it. Why listen to it then you fucking moron if you know you aren't going to like it? Mcr are Still an amazing band and people shoudnt listen to them if they dont like it . I doesn't make sense

  5. Many years had passed since the band first got together, Many years had passed since they got famous and few years had passed since it has broke up, about 3 years ago I have discovered this awesome band, 2 years had passed since I binged listen to their songs, cried and contemplate about my life, 1 year had passed since I stopped listening to their songs, few months ago I heard a cover version in Subway and nearly broke down. Yesterday, I've started to listen to mash up which include MCR. Today, I've decided to walk down memory lane and fill my recommended with MCR related stuff while contemplating my life and get stuck between two emotions, laughing and crying. The music, memory and truth makes me want to cry but the comments makes me smile, my heart's breaking, I'm dead inside, still emo, smiling genuinely again a and feel like dying. I'm still not over MCR and I'll never be <3

  6. Ok I am totally new I heard this on Spotify it just randomly appered and i really enjoyed the song so i ended up here. So someone please explain to me who is Gerard and why is his death so significant please. I love this song but I just don't understand this Gerard character or the storyline.

    On December 26th(before if you can't make it), we will all watch Na Na Na in honor of the greatest band here's glory. Let's give them the best present ever; the highest viewed video on YouTube!! Let's give them what they deserve to have.
    Copy and paste this to all My Chemical Romance videos and all music videos!
    Let's get this noticed quickly!!!
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  8. Pause at 4:33. When they’re covering up Gerard’s body, look at his hair. It’s cut short and I believe it’s not red anymore. GODDAMNIT THEY LEFT US ON A CLIFFHANGER SAYING THERE WOULD BE A NEXT VIDEO BUT THERE WASNT HHHHHH

  9. Omg and whenever he looked so FREAKING HOPEFUL like he was finally at peace knowing she was alive is what really made me wanna cry!!!


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