TWO HOURS of gentle lullabies for babies – Baby Sleep Music mp3 download


Put your children to sleep with hypnotic graphics, accompanied by gentle nursery rhymes played beautifully on the piano.
Music taken from ‘Piano Lullabies for Babies’ by Andrew Holdsworth, available on iTunes via the link above.


  1. When I was pregnant I played this music an put the phone on my belly, an watch my baby just move all around n my belly … An now she is 3mths this is the only music I can play that will put her to sleep hats off to the one who created the music and the colorful pictures cuz it even puts me to sleep God bless you whoever you are thank you

  2. I’m not a mom but when I watch my nieces & it’s hard getting them to sleep, I put this music on and they’re out. Thank you so much for this. Lifesaver ☺️?

  3. This works everytime for my 6months old son. Even when he's crying intensely, as soon as he hears the music he stops crying and falls to sleep. Highly recommended

  4. been using this as a bed time music for my 3 year old since he was 1… he has a bed time routine and all (and yes i’ve looked at all the before bedtime dos n donts) but still won’t sleep without a struggle! i’ve even finished this video a few times! help!

  5. This kinda helped me form a baby girl because her mom was working and I had to take care of her for a week thanks for the helping me out

  6. The very first song, "Itsy Bitsy Spider" was THEE MOST BEAUTIFUL rendition of the song I have ever heard. It brought me too tears; the way the chords progress…just Wow. Played this for my toddler girl last year and just played it for the first time for my infant son. Great job!

  7. woah this made my baby brother who is 4 months old go to sleep in 5 minutes other lullabies just make him cry thank u so much u got a new sup!


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