This Eminem Tracklist: NOT GOOD mp3 download


Eminem announced the track / feature list of his forthcoming album last week. Truth be told, I’m not impressed.


  1. Motherfucker cut 2chaniz off the project for Phresher + pop features + gay ass track names = Probably a really bad Album imo, i was kinda hyped til i heard about all that Bullshit, now lets just hope it'll be a better Recovery…

  2. Dude I'm glad I unsubbed . Yet your still being recommend. FUCK OFF dude. Your just mad because it's not what you want

  3. I think my biggest complaint with Untouchable is the fact that Eminem is essentially talking in the first person about issues that have never personally effected him, if that makes any sense?

    Like, he has a very different perspective on shit like police brutality and systematic racism than a lot of his contemporaries because those issues have never effected him the same way as a lot of other rappers. I also don't think that his goofy and intentionally corny style is good for delivering a serious social message like this. He doesn't approach it with any form of subtlety, all he does is spend six minutes shouting really basic things and name-calling. We get it. Police officers shouldn't kill unarmed civilians. Police officers shouldn't racially profile black people. Police officers shouldn't believe that black people from low-income neighborhoods are inherently dangerous. What a fucking profound message. Imo he should have brought on other artists. Like you said, a lot of Eminem's music is so specific to him that having a featured rapper would make certain songs seem less consistent, but this is a subject that he has a degree of separation with, and this song could have used a featured artist or two with more insight. That would really make a statement.


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