Jason Derulo – If I’m Lucky mp3 download


Performing the first ever song on the first ever episode of Sounds Like Friday Night.

Every Friday night 7:30pm on BBC One.

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  1. his pants or leggings r way too tight, its weird. another weird thing is bbc splicing in crowd effects which is so obvious and poorly done @ 1:06, 1:14, 1:31 , 1:42, 1:48, 2:05. derulo is weird and rele needs to tone it down like @ 1:36 hes a weirdo.

  2. Utter crap. Karaoke for idiots. This has fuck all to do with real music. That his music is targeted towards very young girls…WHY DOES HE CONTINUALLY SING ABOUT SEX? Is this Role Model a paedophile? If I was giving a speech to 10 year old girls and I mentioned a tenth o& why this pervert does…I would be arrested. Please young dudes…listen to music MADE BY MUSICIANS. Where are the musicians here? Music is a bigoted disgrace these days. Bring on the moaning children to tell me I have it wrong. Maybe just one of you will question this dross that we are all bombarded with from every direction of our lives.

  3. We already know he can dance his ass off, so I'm more than happy he focused 100% on vocals at this one. Great job. He's just amazing!

  4. Ashraf…I’m waiting for a response mate. Whilst I plug my Alexis Crimson Edrum kit into my audio interface and set the latency accordingly using the Look Ahead function that I have half designed through simply working out what works best for what I am after. …running the leads through my processors is a pain…but “How interesting” as you so sarcastically claim…I can’t know what I’m doing! Obviously eh mate.

  5. Ashraf mate…it’s what I do. I use the most up to date kit…NI Maschine mk3…just out last month. With the Computer’s, I use Bitwig Studio with plug ins Omnisphere with the odd use of Serum mainly. I’m a guitarist an drummer who plays keys as well. So I.T stand to reason that I know the top end kit…because I use it every single day. Would you like to now say…”Well Derulo is successful”. So am I mate. I am a successful MUSICIAN. Which is rare in MUSIC these days. As is putting the music BEFORE the Profit. I don’t write these posts for my own benefit. Just trying to get people listening to the music they would like were they not bombarded every day with this shit. These talentless multi millionaires steal cash from REAL musicians AND therefore music itself. Ask pretty much ANY real musician and they’ll tell you that they have to play wedding parties to survive. THAT IS WHAT THESE. CUNTS ARE DOING MATE. Profit over People. Your loss pal. Real music is actually cheaper than this crap.

  6. I’m not saying he can’t sing. I am saying I fucking hate this drivel. At least his band uses live instruments. Music for the masses like a Ford Escort. I’d rather listen to Ferrari music. There’s still some out there you know. Real musicians rather than I.T experts who discovered a music program on their computer. Knowing I.T is more important than knowing music. But it sells. That’s what the money men want. Suckers.


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