Everything Wrong With Jason Derulo – “Tip Toe feat. French Montana” mp3 download


We thought about tip toeing around the sins in this music video, but that just wouldn’t be our style.

Watch. Sin. Enjoy.

Which music video do you wanna see sinned next?

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  1. Yeah, I caught that sly attack against Republicans and Trump you sorry liberal swine. All my respect for your channel is gone. Unsubbed.

  2. You should have sinned the official video instead of the lyric video. The jungle setting made me think Nicki Minaj would appear any moment 😛

  3. Derulo comes of like sleaze n creep.. he full on hit on jenna last year on so you think you can dance on STAGE! after she was done with her performance with her kid partner… it was fucking cringe… he's too douchey n ugly anyway


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