Eminem – Untouchable (Audio) mp3 download


Eminem’s new track “Untouchable” is available everywhere: http://shady.sr/Untouchable

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Music video by Eminem performing Untouchable. (C) 2017 Aftermath Records



  1. Eminem I'm a white boy. I'm 20 years old! I work in a wood factory that looks condemned! I work HARDER THAN YOU'VE EVER WORKED. Mother fuckers my age, black or white are SPOILED BITCHES. I Think you been left out a little too long and got spoled

  2. I enjoy the song from a production point of view. It's borderline creative genius.

    It's creative as fuck, and very hard to achieve than these basic trap beats you hear on the radio.

    Reminds me of Dre's "Compton" level of production.

  3. Eminem needs to go back to doing drugs or needs to stop rapping because even he said nobody wants to hear there grandfather rap

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  5. People just like to fuckenn twerk on beqtw they really dont care about lyrics or verses they just want some song like fucken closer made by real loosers EMINEM is Great his music is EPIC <3 …….. WHITE BOY WHITE BOY YOU'RE A ROCKSTAR…..WHITE BOY WHITE BOY YOU'RE UNTOUCHABLE

  6. Hip hop fans: “more rappers should talk about racial problems and general problems with America and the world”

    biggest rapper on the planet does it, is white and doesn’t have to do it cause he’s so big he can do anything and does a great job

    Hip hop fans: “man! Em is trash now, go back to the old shit”

    He didn’t have to do this music at all and no one appreciate this at all it’s bullshit frankly. I thought this and Walk On Water was great, he’s trying to expand himself a bit and oh yea his flow is at least creative and still works with the production

  7. am I the only one that completely geeked out as soon as he noticed the Cheech and Chong sample used in this? I gotta rewatch Up in Smoke now lmao

  8. People are mad & angry that Em is spitting facts & using real content! but they are happy to listen to dfgjyffddf ghjhghjh Stuff they can't hear or understand (mumble wack), some Americans still don't get it!

  9. This song sounds like it's trying to be the new theme song for COPS, while its message is insightful, it's so hypocritical and is basically the anthem for White Apologists. Ironic coming from the artist, EMINEM who in his prime was far from untouchable, this dude was the most diversifying figure before Donald Trump came along.

  10. Wow Eminem such a brave guy to criticise trump( when everyone is doing it) and became a liberal( when all celebrities are liberal) such an original and woke guy…..


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