Ali kiba – Mapenzi yana run dunia [NEW] mp3 download


ali kiba – mapenzi yana run dunia – this is not my song’ but i love it so i though i should share it 🙂 hope you enjoy it’ the meaning of it for those who dont understand…is basically talking about how love run the world..

a lot of people were getting confused so.. i though i should explain here quickly, this song belongs to ali kiba…isnippa is me, just some1 who loves ali kiba’s music.

I will keep people updated with songs that are released by him from time to time, i hope you understand.

Hope that answered all your questions.


  1. Hello there reader 😀 just another comment you will be reading down here hope you have a nice day today 😀 oh yeah and if you could help a brother out with a sub?


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