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Bongo sounds, “Kimasomaso” by Ali Kiba
Produced by Marco Chali

Supporting the best of Tanzanian & African Music. From the rhythms of Bongo Flava in Dar Es Salaam to the Afro-House of Southern Africa, all the way back to the sound of Afrobeats in Nigeria.

Africa, Your Time Is Now!


  1. Hehe hii imekuwa posted 2 years ago lakini mimi ndio kwanza naisikia ????????

    we Ali Kiba wewe, acha tu ?? LIKE KAMA UMEIKUBALI ???

  2. This song is a better version than the other one I love all Ur music Ali kiba u are my fan fan love love love love you you soososs much :-$ 😀

  3. Ali kiba I know u did broke diamond hits but now I need u to shut him up for good
    Thnx for the hard work
    U knw diamond is a pusy


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