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Year End List seasons steamrolls the traditional SOS theme, expanding to TEN picks instead of seven! Today, I count down my Top 10 Favorite Music Videos of 2017, including a good handful of honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the cut.

From Sorority Noise to Paramore, I hope you all enjoy the video! Drop a like on the video, and comment your top 5 faves for 2017 down below.

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  1. My list-
    1-Silence Speaks-While She Sleeps ft. Oliver Sykes
    2-HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T-Fall Out Boy
    3-The Way You Used To Do-Queens of the Stone Age
    4-Fake Happy-Paramore
    5-heavydirtysoul-Twenty One Pilots

  2. I've never heard of highly suspect before but the clip you showed of "my name is human" made me really curious so i checked them out and I love it so much! Thank you for introducing me to this band!

  3. I think I might check out Highly suspect, sounds like a cool band.
    I haven't watched many music videos this year, but I kinda liked the vid for 'dead crush' by Alt-J.

  4. Jon, did you listen to Midland's On the Rocks. Thats an amazing country album. It's not bro country, but a throwback to 80's gold.

  5. Can you do a video of top 10 worst mumble rapping trap beat songs of 2017? I mean, there was quite a lot this year. Quite a lot of ear cancer.

  6. My Top 5 list:

    5. Paramore-Hard Time
    4. Foo Fighters-Run
    3. Kendrick Lamar-DNA
    2. Joyner Lucas-I'm Not Racist
    1. Linkin Park-One More Light

    Honorable mentions: Sir Sly-High, Foo Fighters-The Sky is a Neighborhood, Highly Suspect-Little One, Kendrick Lamar-Humble, and Lorde-Green Light


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