Download any song from Spotify for Free and import into Music mp3 download


You can download both programs with the link below. If you have any questions, just let me know.

Download Link:

For Window:

For Mac:

Please watch: “Save everything from Safari into PDF on iOS devices”



  1. Guys, this thing sucks, i tried to use it, but it doesn't work. I also scanned this thing, and it has viruses. DON'T USE IT!!!!

  2. Hi Paravuth Hem, I'm following all stuff, it's installing “keepvid-video-downloader_full2578“ and on lunching it's bring me to and my program is a PRO version!!!!!! ????? Where I'm doing wrong?

  3. I just simply use sound recorder to record music from spotify then I could just simply drag the file onto my itunes then go from there

  4. her you can download my software with regular license: just skip up-right ad and then copy link and download: Tuneskit spotify converter v 1.2 portable premium!!


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