[TOP 100] Most Viewed KPop Music Videos of 2017 (November) mp3 download


The views in this video were taken on November 1st.

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# of Songs by Month Release:
January – 13 Songs
February – 9 Songs
March – 11 Songs
April – 12 Songs
May – 9 Songs
June – 12 Songs
July – 6 Songs
August – 10 Songs
September – 6 Songs
October – 6 Songs
November – 6 Songs

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What songs are on this list?:

Any korean music video released on and after January 1st, 2017, according the the release date listed by Youtube. Mulitple versions of the same song are not included (i.e story version vs choreography version, only the one with the most views is listed). OST MVs are not included.

How are the views counted?:

Some songs are uploaded on the company/artist channel, as well as a larger kpop channel like 1thek. Both view counts are added up and listed.

How was this list compiled?:

I relied very much on www.kpopscene.com/category/media/official-music-video to find most of the Music Videos released in 2017. I also made sure to check new entries to the Gaon Chart. I also checked several different channels (i.e 1thek) that post many music videos from multiple companies.

Have you checked [this] music video?:

If you think I’m missing one, please let me know!

fonts used:
(And Calibri & Arial)

stamps made on https://www.hipsterlogogenerator.com/


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