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Music Videos That Should Be Movies

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  1. We belong together!!! 🙂 …But you forgot Mariah Carey Heartbreaker….it's good to be a movie too…the action was very good

  2. Great idea! <3
    Tove Lo kinda made a whole movie from her album Lady Wood! And I heard that Melanie Martinez will make a movie from her new album!

  3. You belong with me is just the the best music video I have ever seen ❤
    Also Ready for it!, Roar, Bad blood <3 Katy and Tay make the best videos 😀
    Also I would add Firework and Wildest dreams ❤ They would be a great movies too <3

  4. Awesome video and everything, but where is Lady Gaga? I mean Ready For It is on the list, but Paparazzi, Telephone, Alejandro, G.U.Y. & John Wayne aren't? Jeez! I hope you're gonna do a second list.
    And of course where is Thriller by Micheal Jackson? xDD

  5. Dark Horse, Swish swish, Wide awake, Hot and Cold, Waking up in Vegas, Thinking of you, E.T, Last Friday Nigh, Part of me every Katy Perry can be because she is the Queen!

  6. "You Belong With me" and Bad Blood" are music movies.
    Please make "Music Videos That Should Be Porn Movies". Beyonce's "Single Ladies".
    Lana Del Rey has made some music movies: "National Anthem" and "Ride".

  7. You love the wedding themed videos, huh? lol I was expecting to see Kelly Clarkson's Behind These Hazel Eyes but you put Because of You instead. That is probably her best video and I can see it being a really good family drama.

    I think Little Mix's DNA has the best cinematic potential out of their videography. It's inspired by the film Sin City.


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