Ras Haitrm & The Firehouse Crew – Do You Remember [Official Video 2017] mp3 download




  1. they haven't changed … check out the legal name fraud and you'll find we are all made into slaves …the days of slavery we were told about is all wrong btw ..very sorry for the people whom got hurt ..very sad

  2. Look at how the people are viewing this Artiste, i am trying to read some expressions. This is so griping. Great concept for such a video.

  3. At 2:10, look over the Rastaman shoulder, you see a Woman with blond, blond hair, continue watching, there is sister walking with an Albion (White Person), if you look carefully, the Albion lady was looking at the brother, but noticed the sister, her never caught him, not that close. She saw him from far away, and made a decision that when she gets close, she would be keeping her head straight. But look, 95% of the people are not in complexion, as "DARK" as her, but they are all looking, showing interest or, disgust, this sister simply doesn't want to be associated. This is the mind of many of our people within the Nation.


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