Krystal Khayne – Down Low [DoJo Riddim] (2018 SOCA) [Official Release] [HD] mp3 download


Written by – Krystal Khayne
Produced by – SMJ & B-Roc
Mixed and Mastered at Hybrid Studios
Vocal Arrangement – Marlon Roach
Additional Vocals – Studio 3

‘Have you ever been in love with someone you can’t be with, but just cannot stay away from? Sometimes what’s bad for you, tastes so good…

Loving on the low, is hot, sexy, passionate… and silent… Why? Because worlds would tear apart if anyone knew.

Krystal Khayne, with her sexy, sultry vocals describes just that in this mood filled song on the DOJO RIDDIM produced by SMJ Productions at Hybrid Studios. Mixed with a fusion of soca, moombahton, and afro beat influences, Krystal takes us on a journey, to a place we can all relate to, with lyrical potency that speaks to the hearts of so many secretly in love.

Krystal Khayne keeps it on the Down Low…’

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