Rocker-T feat. Mykal Rose & Mr.Williamz – Disgrace [Official Video 2017] mp3 download


c.2016 Michael Rose, Toby P.H. Sorensen, Micah L.G. Williams, Daniel F. Grossman & Michael Gore
p.2016 Toby P.H. Sorensen(BMI), Luv Ini T Rec(BMI), Dynasty Family Music(BMI) & PRS
Video c.p.2017 LuvinnittProductions, Art Elementals & #LuvBomb
Song available for download at 


  1. I'm the 5th thumbs down, bit repetitive, 3 blokes singing about disgrace, @MistaRose, go back here and find yourself

  2. Rocker T finally gets recognition in the reggae world…nice. Hes standing next to a legend Mykal Rose. Mykal wouldnt sing with Rocker T if he was fake. Rocker T has put in milage. He deserves this time in the light.

  3. Love this song! Added this song to the 777 Playlist: Dedicated to my love for music. Here I share video's of songs that empower, inspire, lament, activate and liberate. Clean up your mind!


  4. There are countries that do not have certain Religion among there people, but Rasta, Rasta is accepted all over the world…WHY? Because we Preach Love Peace and Unity ~ Even to our enemies… Jah bless.


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