Bramma – Zinc Fence (Friday) [Official Video 2017] mp3 download

from the EP “One a DAY” @

Produced by Emudio
Label: Emudio Records
Dir. Iceyjace


  1. Me see a yute a seh bramma thief him song. But after this song nuh sound nuh weh near di other bredda song. Dwrcl!!! Suh just because di songs has the same titles dat nuh mean sah di man thief yuh song bro. Lol!!! Big up bramma from dem time deh till now. Str888!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. kno dat if a movie want a likkle piece of sound track from any artist song dem haffi pay fi dat….the songs dem ave different lyrics…yes…suh y him haffi a chat bout zic fence and board house ….bramma guh look u own style….u too tief

  3. The dunce them will say the man thief song it's completely two different flow and lyrics different too nice song #bramma next time no diss the crawpa thou ago download this 🔥🔥

  4. Black people is the only race who thought process is backwards and sees negative as positive… to be born in a ghetto and live in poverty is nothing to be proud of as it's a situation most human being would never want to be in … but this is what you get when fools are looking up to fools inspiration.

  5. Just because him say zinc fence and board house? But most people who mention zinc fence, board house follow it…. lyrics different , two song dem good but bramma sound likkle better

  6. I don't see the big deal songs of the 2 artist is different…… And none of them never invent zinc fence nor bourdhouses…… Eno stop the comparing bull shit and love the art of the both music 🎶 one love black power rules✊

  7. Nice! Similar concept but except for "Zinc fence & boardhouse" the lyrics and riddim different. Both madd! Is it the same producer?


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