Saime & The Cool Rulers – Narcos [Official Video 2017] mp3 download

(P)&(C) 2017 RedGoldGreen Label/La Grande Onda
Single included in “PUSH THE VIBES Vol.2”, compilation available in all digital stores.

Music: Saime and The Cool Rulers.
Lyrics: Andrea Saitta
Arranged and played: Cool Rulers
Scratch by Dj Bob trick
Recorded at Studio di Registrazione Palermo – GPA
Mixed and mastered: Gabriele Gabboh Plescia/ Studio di Registrazione Palermo – GPA

Video Produced by: Saime and The Cool Rulers / Allunaggio Film
Video director and Editing : Pietro Vaglica
Assistant director; Salvo Di Paola
Actor: Giuseppe Messina, Alessandra Falanga, Francesca Errera, Giuseppe Paternò, Andrea Saitta, Carlo Farrauto, Simone Costa, Alessandro Messina, Massimo Mangiacavallo, Alessandra Calcara, Daniela Russo, Elisabetta Lamantia, Julio Lope, Carlotta Grasso, Mario Costa

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I’m not a Narcos
Mi a di ganja boss
Sweet like a mango
It’s not dangerous
I say if you don’t wanna go insane
Don’t put cocaine inside your brain
but if you feel like Pablo Escobar
I’m sorry man
Only ganja we burn
You try to make me say marijuana is no betta
You try to get me say that it hurts like a coca
You gonna keep sayin that i’m just a joka
Saime and the cool rulers a di real ganjah smoka
Escucha me
Legalize we promota
give me mas plata cause my herb is so special
Give me the weed like Buju Banton di fada
my spliff is ready man we a get high whit a lighter
Come from the heart di mada
growing everywhere from Jamaica to my island
good for the health of my sistas and my breda
so don’t be afraid choose the life and take anada
Respect the sensimilla
the most beautiful queen of the plantas
her name is Mari but you can call her Tata
I call you hijo puta

your life is not a show on tv
no gun shot no Sicarios no pool parties no money
no bikinis
Fight the Babylon and Plant your seed
smoke the weed
take a tea
this is the key
Fi set you free
You want to live like a star?
take cocain and champain all day inna the bar
around the city driving your sport car
but you nah the boss you are not Pablo escobar
listen me
start today the ganjah therapy
smile and live your life in armony
stop to see how to cange mentality
man nobody stop your dreams
hear your voice and scream
Cause we love love love love love love the sensiminia i dont know if you understand
But we love love love love love loving forever


  1. Mamma mia Saime! Quanto ti sei evoluto! Sei un Big Big! Spero verresti a fare un concerto a Pisa…
    GANJA POWA! 😍😊😊
    NO COCA!
    Super big tune! 😉💚💛


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