Gyptian – Down In Deh [Official Video 2017] mp3 download

Download single @
Label: Nica Productions
Dir: Icey Jace Film Factory


  1. No! Just No! This guy used to make music that is still timeless today. This for the moment music will be forgotten in a few months
    Come on gyptian you can do much better than this. No disrespect. Gal dem nice still 😜

  2. Dancehall is really poppin ' see Gyptian mek a full 360🤔
    Nice chune tho however not on the conscious side…….. #sexsells I guess

  3. Music that appeals to the lower animalistic nature in us. Please Reggaeville don't share this rubbish, it brings down the blessed reggae genre of music as a whole.

  4. Well man a fi eat so Gyptian decided to go strictly commercial. He has no idea how he has disappointed his African fans. May be the conscious music he used to do never used to clear them bills but for sure, his stuff would never get space in my playlist .

  5. This is prostitution. The same garbage you hear on the radio every day. This is the opposite of what reggae and Rasta stand for, this is the Devil's whoredom. Please, I am sure many like me come to your channel for the inspirational music in order to have an alternative for the shit that we are served at our jobs on the radio. please stop this madness and give real artists a change.

  6. Damn Gyptian what happened, we want "serious time" "Beautiful Lady" Gyptian back please. Been a fan from the Baby dreads days

  7. Il a un peu du mal à rebondir il a cas faire des feat sa lui redonner as la vibes commercial song no pas terrrible WTF this vidéo


    gyptian you a waste your voice….a wah, the glitz & glamour of the babylon life a get to you iyah!?

    breakup yuh folly grounds yute…..step out a babylon go back to the roots (or go trim).


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