Bunny Robinson – No Water [Official Video 2017] mp3 download


This is the first music video Bunny Robinson put out as a solo artist.
Arthur “Bunny” Robinson is half of Simms & Robinson (later Bunny & Scully), they recorded the first set of songs of non traditional music, to be played on sound systems along with foreign records, before the jamaican music industry was born.
This is new cut of the original “Drought” he recorded for Coxsone Dodd back in 1966, a stark depiction of an arid landscape and a dire situation from this pioneer of the jamaican music.

Directed by Rafael M. Ruiz
High Vibes Prods.
Peanut Records


  1. Nice take on a country song, I love Reggaeville for sharing these Elders singing inna old skool style, I reggae suppose to be!

  2. Love this song! Added this song to the 777 Playlist: Dedicated to my love for music. Here I share video's of songs that empower, inspire, lament, activate and liberate. Clean up your mind!



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