Cookie The Herbalist & Lee Scratch Perry – Eaze [Official Video 2017] mp3 download


Song by: Cookie The Herbalist & Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
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Riddim: A. Rüettger / P. Barro
Lyrics: S. Raschi / R. H. Perry
Video director: C. Salabi
Video assistant: M. Blake
Video editor: 300K Jamaica


  1. I was quite afraid at first when i saw Lee Perry with an european guy cause we hear many shit there but we have to recognize dat this italian singer is pretty good and Alborosie is there too proving us that white people can produce good reggae vibes too 😉 Blessin' fam

  2. Glad to see the Original Upsetter LEE SCRATCH PERRY still out deh on the vibes he must be touching 80 years old by now ? Let's remember Reggae originate In Jamaica. And Jamaicans spread it throughout the world. So everyone can love it and enjoy and play it. Reggae music is for everyone!!

  3. d man an ooman dem up a bobo hill done tell unu seh a black supremacy addi truth fe humanity, one love outta creation. so mi wonder if a white rasta really meditate pon dem ting yah.

  4. Nice catchy tune with good chance to crossover & great to see my man Lee Perry still about. Long may he reign.
    Some of the previous comments i can't agree with. Reggae, House, Pop, Disco is all music for everyone and brings people together with only ONE thing in common…the music itself. Black, White, Red or Brown, music is for everyone… even Reggae. I love it, I'm taking it & you try stop me!!

  5. I wanna see Lee 'Scratch' Perry do a remake of his 1976 classic rrasta song – Dreadlocks In Moonlight. No one on YouTube has covered it except me and one guy on piano. I got it on my YouTube channel Aaron Paterson

  6. Res. BS. He is a poser ripping off a culture and profiting from it. Jumping around and acting the act…this is cheap garbage reggae mass produced in a studio. You want to see a true white artist praising Jah original? Check out Mike Love.

  7. Nice one! I am just curious about a thing. How can you sing that is privilege to be born in Israel, as Israeli people support actions against Palestinian territory and people!?


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