Number One by Prince Diamondz Ft Moti Ice (Official Video) 2017 mp3 download


Song: Number One
Artist: Prince Diamondz
Afrifame music 2017


  1. Beautiful and uplifting, it makes me so upset that all western people think we are all savages, suffering living in slums and mudhuts and have no civilization and need the white mans help to survive, all because their media creates this gigantic and evil propaganda about us through only showing poor areas and never ever shows cities, smh, we Africans need to become AWARE of how the outside world is creating a gigantic and evil lie about us which is why whenever we go to over countries everyone treats us like we are inferior and walks all over us, its because all they see of us is starving children with flies on their faces and tribal people, they think the only city in Africa is the white south Africa, and the rest is just mudhuts and poverty smh we need to show them videos like this of our best cities to destroy their popular myth that we are all living in poverty and backwardness, we need to make documentaries to destroy the western propaganda completely, gosh its so sad that no one but us knows how great we are.


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