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Official music video for HANSON’s new single “I Was Born”, released May 26, 2017.
As part of their 25th Anniversary, HANSON created the “I Was Born” video to commemorate 25 years of living out their dreams.
Cast features 11 of the band’s 12 children.


  1. I'm seeing you guys tonight for the first time and I'm FREAKING OUT!!! Literally watching this crying like the biggest dork ever! I'm so excited!!!

  2. All your babies are just PRECIOUS!! I just love you guys and I love this and I can't wait for tonight. I'm gonna be the weirdo in the audience crying….. LMAO

  3. Nice f**kin' diversity in your video Hanson… and I'm a white boy! How can you expect to have a positive influential song, but only have middle-America white kids in the video??? WTF??? It's 2017 assholes, not 1997… get with it.

  4. Once again, I know I can't stop you BUT please, kindly keep this wholesome video away from unclean, explicit comments. Children and younger audience (neophytes 👶👦👧👨) who can read are definitely watching. Thanks!

  5. I don't know if it's good or bad but I glanced through the comments about all the lifelong fans and I just want to say I have never heard of Hanson and am only here because I heard this song a few times on the radio and finally remembered to look it up.

  6. This song is fucking garbage, appealing to the most tasteless common denominator possible.

    The kids don't make the song any better. Everything about this is trash. The lyrics are generic and lazy. The instrumental is too simple.

    If you actually like this then you have no taste in music.

  7. Oooooh, I still can't get enough of this song. It makes me feel so happy each time I hear it. What? With more than 10 times a day?


  8. Truly my fab music band since I was a baby. Disappointed I cannot join u guys on your tours this year. Hope for next year. <3

  9. So I had a girlfriend growing up who was obsessed with this band and she of course was in love with Taylor. I was forced to have Zack and my sister was stuck with Isaac. Who would've known Isaac turned out the best looking,not that they're ugly but Isaac really would be my first choice. Watching the old videos it's funny to see how unserious he is. Watching this video it's fun seeing exactly which kid is to which brother. Mini Isaac's, Zack's, and Taylor's. They made beautiful and adorable little ones. Thankful they are married to the mothers and have real families not the norm in fame. Still clean music and appearance.something my children can safely watch


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