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“Boy” is available for download now at: http://flyt.it/LeeBriceBoy

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From the new self-titled album available now

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  1. This is a great song. I am 22 years old and I can definitely say that this is all true. My mom said that this reminded her of me. It makes even more emotional because I am moving 10 hours from my parents in less than two months.

  2. Good song this song came on on the radio one night when I was learning how to drive with my dad flying down a dirt road at 60 mph

  3. Lee Brice, you're amazing, wonderful and the best because you think of your own boys and make a song just for them. It brings me to tears😢

  4. On February 27th 2017 lost my 20 year old son in a car accident up here in Massachusetts the song describes him and i to the T. I Listen to the song every day now I considered the song to be a blessing thank you very much Lee Brice for singing such a beautiful song Cory I'll always love you .#SMILESFORCORY

  5. My son is three weeks old..I start bawling when I hear this video.. it seems like just yesterday I was finding out I was pregnant. Where has the time gone already?? 😞

  6. This is just like me you should make one about a girl I play softball and I can throw really hard and this song makes me think about when I have a boy and how he is gonna be like

  7. This song makes me so emotional, thinking of my baby boy and how fast this first year has went by. thinking about what hes going to do in the years to come.. this song really pulls at my heart strings. I'm not ready for my boy to grow up I don't think ill ever be <3

  8. thanks Brice..just as I felt that I lost it all..i heard this song on the radio and immediately thought of my son and as soon as I got home from work I showed him the song (he's 2 btw) I love my boy and this song reminded me of it..again thank you Brice

  9. Beautiful song, makes me think of my dad passed away in 2009. We only really started to communicate properly a few years before he died. I was a very introverted and moody teenager. He didn't really know how to communicate with me. I look back now and see times when he helped me develop by just letting me jump in and make my mistakes but he was always there when I needed him. I miss him so much now (u)


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