MUSE – Dig Down [Official Music Video] mp3 download


Watch the music video for the new song “Dig Down” now!

Director Lance Drake
Producer Jocelyn Webber
Executive Producer Danielle Hinde
DP Sing Howe Yam
Editor Jeremiah Mayhew
VFX ArsenalCreative

Band performance directed by Tom Kirk
Shot in part at YouTube Space LA
Band performance VFX Rowan Glenn
Band performance DP Matt Hayslett
Future commercials by Banoffee Sky

Download or stream the new song now:


  1. I'm super confused, the lyrics are kinda mundane and the actual music sounds like a rip-off of themselves and something else??? Super weird, but like since they're ripping of themselves in a sense I kinda like it but??

  2. For anyone that says "New Muse is crap!"

    Go see them Live, if you still say the same then you have no soul, no heart and no fucking ears

  3. This is the third single they released that sounds like Madness.
    I'm officially done with this band.
    How can they sound more basic and pretentious at the same time?

  4. My problem is not hat Muse is putting out this type of experimental music, it's that they're not putting out enough of it. It's been a whole year, and they've released one whole song. IF YOU'RE NOT ABOUT TO DROP AN ALBUM, DON'T PUT OUT ANYTHING!

  5. One day we will grow some balls and rip these killer of man to pieces make the next one think a little bit know what I mean Killery?

  6. Muse made rock before, this is just some Justin Beaver trash, perhaps the bass its little louder than JB but not much else.

  7. I used to love this band but many records ago they lost me, still giving them a chance everytime they release something new. They are great musicians, but I´m from the Origin Of Simetry/Absolution era, after that they started losing me.


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