E.N Young – Cooyah Raggamuffin [Official Video 2017] mp3 download



E.N Young – “Cooyah Raggamuffin”  is a song off of E.N Young’s 3rd album
‘Call On Me’.  The official music video was shot in southern California
at various live shows and locations.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/call-on-me/id1093375638
Homepage http://www.rootsmusician.com/

Cool Ya temper RaggaMuffin man
Eaze up the vibes is Jah plan
Relaxed now nuff trouble in the world your emotions are swirled
Cooyah vibes now RaggaMuffin boy wine like a baby go play with your toy.
Wonder if you could walk in my shoes and recognize the path that you
choose you lose I’m not saying to put your hand at blame this game is in
sane got to aim to be tame. Increase the piece that you feel in your
heart take part in this art that you felt from the start. If you could
help lift the spirit of the next man and you could help lift the vibes
in this life span. Come together with unity is Jah plan. We all together
we are moving as one it’s a global movement we have just begun. Don’t
hurt your brother Man throw away your gun each one teach one in the long
run run and ride on the rhythm like Jesse royal big up New Jamaica and
Caribbean reggae music will lift you in a positive way so stay today and
play I say

( CHORUS) Cool down your temper
Self when your negative self-love is key. You can’t love others to you
love yourself you see. It’s crucial to your health and your family love
is the answer to our question about humanity. Too much war we have to
stop all the hate. Learn to get along and communicate. Cooyah temper


  1. Relax now !!! " If you can help lift the spirits of the next man , you can help lift the vibe s in tdis lifespannnnooooo!! " true lyrics

  2. would u be mad if I just come secretely into you and cut your hair? cuz' I think that's what I am doing


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