Colah Colah – Every Day [Official Video 2017] mp3 download



  1. What a wonderful thing to wake up to!
    Great positive song and the video takes me away from the snow, and ice, and cold and brings me to place where all is irie. Positive vibes and and the best of wishes to you all from Boulder, Colorado!

  2. To the Most I Jah, Crist, the Lord, or Selassie, the emperor? We cant be mistaken! Jesus is the lord =)
    Jah love, Reggae family.

  3. I wake up everyday and I give thanks, today we give thanks to the water, it is earths first medicine to all life. We give thanks to the Mother Earth, MNI WICONI, Water is Life, we foght and will fight to protect our water for our future generations and yours even those who want to poison the water. No oil company shall ever be allowed to croos oil with water. Stand With Standing Rock.


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