Metallica: Spit Out the Bone (Official Music Video) mp3 download


From the album “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” available everywhere on November 18.

Directed by Phil Mucci

Mindy Kelly – Mindy
Ian Mackay – Max
Techno Monks – Chris Jai Alex, Gene Freeman, Will Greenburg, John Nania, Sam Tan
Phil Mucci – Poor Bastard Who Gets Zapped

Produced by Phil Mucci and Ian Mackay
Associate Producer – Dan Simpson
Visual FX and Stop-Motion – Diabolik
Animated Sequences – Adam Avilla

Cinematographer – Jeff Speed
Costume Designer – Jenny Luna
Hair & Makeup – Yadira Lopez
Special FX Makeup – Sioux Sinclair
Art Director – Amanda Graeff
Stunt Coordinator – Mindy Kelly and John Nania

Custom Props by The Rot Shop, Chicago
‘Brain Drain’ Chair – Brant Mccrea
Sentry Orb & Surgical Props – Ryan Oliver
Face Model – Nicole Picou
Additional Painting – Cassandra Knox
Additional Fabrication – David Wimsatt, Jim Moore, Jeff Kuhnie, James Kimball

1st AC – Chris Speed
Key Grip – Adrian Rozas
Costume Assistant – Alexander Logan
Production Assistant – Daniel Graeff

© 2016 Blackened Recordings

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  1. love the song but this video doesnt do it justic imho. I love how much work went into it. But there is a little disconnect between the different styles of art direction in one video. Gotta appreciate metallica for actually making something different though 🙂

  2. imagine this: the same archive footage in this video with cuts of the band playing the song in some weird setting and then all the footage in this video without the live action part of the guy with the shotgun and the jiu jitsu chick fighting the red KKK members (?) or something. Then i think the video would have given the song a bigger punch to it. The fighting scene with the chick and the corny live action scene of the dude with the shotgun kinda border parody. Just my opinion. Still great video though. Would give it 5/5 stars regardless.

  3. Just heard this on the radio thanks to a listener request and thank god I did because this is what I've been needing. I didn't think Metallica could make bangers like this anymore. Heard the first couple singles off the new album when it was new and didn't bother with it… but this… THIS.. this is amazing. Kick ass video as well! Fuck yeah Metallica.. do more of this shit. m/.

  4. I first got into Metallica around the release of Death Magnetic and I've always liked their sound (Even their… less popular albums) but after 2008 I had to wait 8 long years for more Metallica content. Beyond Magnetic was par at best and I'm not even gonna beat the dead horse that is LuLu. The movie Through the Never is less memorable than the song itself (which I like a lot actually). And I don't think Lords of Summer counts even though I pirated it off YouTube when it was posted and later bought the only release on iTunes. When this album was announced I had become a man in the time I waited for it to follow up my introduction to the band. I bought tickets to see them live the hour I saw that they were coming to Foxboro Massachusetts which was close enough for me. Sadly they did not play this song, but they played so many others that I loved and the experience was unforgettable. But I'll be honest, I don't think hardwired… to self destruct was worth the wait. But this song. THIS song, and even this video, blew me the fuck away. This alone has become my favorite Metallica song out of their entire discography, which I listen to on a regular basis. But this song had the sound and the lyrics to more than make up for the rest of the album and then some. The whole concept obviously takes inspiration from the Terminator movies but throws in Kung fu and fuckin' Metallica to make the coolest 7 minutes I can think of. I'd say that I hope for more like this but I don't think they'll ever top this in terms of the impact it had on me. Waiting through my formative years is once in a lifetime and the payoff is equally unique. Thank you Lars, James, Kirk, and Rob for making something that is truly a mark on my life experience. Long live machine

  5. This song is so goddamn perfect that it almost brings a tear to my eye lol. With the exception of a couple songs on Garage Inc (super underrated album I might add) this is the best Metallica song since And Justice For All!!!!!! Rock the fuck on!!!!!!!

  6. Now imagine this masterpiece as an …and justice for all bonus track… the non digital mix and master from back in the day! God I just jizzled my pants!

  7. This is my favorite Metallica ever, even more so than the '80s stuff. It is nothing but pure speed, but got that Metallica genius song-crafting too. And that's cool James sings clean some too. The lyrics made me cry. I could have written this if I was a poet- NOT. This is what I tried to tell my philosphy prof. He thinks it's scifi. Fuck we're already there now.

  8. Not bad, back on the right track. Not as good as new Testament, Overkill, or Megadeth. But not bad. Lots of good riffs and leads. Honestly, they need a better drummer. I don’t know why they don’t just replace Lars with someone… talented… already.


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