Metallica: Now That We’re Dead (Official Music Video) mp3 download


From the album “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” available everywhere on November 18.

Directed by Herring & Herring
Edited by Jeremiah Bruckart

© 2016 Blackened Recordings

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  1. That chorus riff just makes my head bang on it's own. I tell you, I had lost some faith in the boys after Load. This is a redeemer. I heard it once on the radio and said to myself "Yes! They're BACK!" Well done, gents!

  2. Saw them live on August 16th. This was my favourite song, they brought out three giant drums for Rob, Kirk, and James, to play in sync with Lars, it was amazing.

  3. As long as I have been listening to Metallica, I wished they made a video that matched their songs. For some reason, each and every single video they made bores me visually – including that for One, even if that may not be a popular opinion. Of course I respect their artistic vision, but it would be so cool if they just once made some action-packed video to match an energetic song's vibe. I know there are fan-made ones out there, but that's different. I keep hoping, though – these guys are far from burnt-up! 🙂

  4. Nice to see one of my favorite bands crankin out some familiar sound….great song. Sounds more like classic Metallica with some new push. Love it man!!

  5. you guys have been my favorite band from eighties,…i can play lead to seek and destroy,…by far this your guys best song ever,..i play it and i make yuppis wanna bang their head

  6. Their experiments are over. Back to the basics. Back to the shack back to the guitar with the lighting strap. If you go go hard core, knocking it out like it's 94.

  7. Im 16 years old and have been listening to metallica since i was born. My dad always listened to it on our CD player. I love metallica, anyone who doesn't should F off.

  8. I am glad that before my brother died in a horrific car crash that he would show up at 5am and say here put this in your stereo and crank it up, but its to early for that ed , fuck it 250 watts CRANKED !!! Thank You Ed and Metallica .


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