Ricardo Drue – Iron (Lyric Video) “2017 Soca” [HD] mp3 download


[Official] http://Julianspromos.com / Subscribe: http://tiny.cc/YTubeSubscribe | Written By Jason “Shaft” Bishop”, Tailor-Made and Masterpiece Entertainment
Produced By Mr. Roots (Wiz Records), Dwaingerous & Tailor-Made Ent.
Mixed By Precision Productions
Lyric Video Created by Subaronthevid
Drums: Stephen Jardine
Bass: Mr. Roots
Trumpet: Charles Williams
Trumbone: David Jacob
Tenor Sax: Garvin Marcel
Brass Arrangements: All Stars Brass

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  1. It's Druuuuueeee. Bonafide Hit for 2017 and i'm loving the old school vibes and including horns did this song more justice. All Dj's have to push this one at every fete.. Pure sweetness . So gee dem deh IRON for 2017 BOOM!!

  2. I just keep listening to this song over and over and over. the opening instrumental is #Bombastic.  A concoction of lose yourself flavor.  Takes me away to a street jam. Bottle and spoon and iron and horns and drums and whistles and conchshells and pan and sweat and vibes.   Just wanna release my waist on this.  Ricardo well done, it haute!!!!!!!

  3. This is the second song (the first being BET) that I've seen Ricardo successfully blend traditional calypso and soca sounds and aesthetics and make it relevant for today's listeners. Excellent way to keep it alive. I hope he keeps making stuff like this.

  4. This man [Ricardo] is DOING-DEH-TING.' If you're a true calypso/soca enthusiast, you can tell that this Young Brother has really been STUDYING the art form & getting around others who have really been studying. This chune is PURE VIBEZ. Great arrangement by Jason "Shaft" Bishop", Tailor-Made, and Masterpiece Entertainment. Ricardo's other track: "The Leader" has a "Burning Flames" vibration all thru it. Not high-jacking the Flames sound in a bad way, but a new fresh interpretation. Nice work by Drue & his crew!

  5. @Max Cartz. Apparently, I ran ignorant Yute Boy @Max Cartz out of here talking fuckery about our Caribbean music. He had the nerve to start talking bull-shyt about: Soca has made no impact on the international market AND asked when have we seen Soca artists at the VMA awards? VMA's????? Bwah-HaHa… Since when are the VMA's a barometer of the quality of Afrikan, Caribbean, Latin, or World-Beat music? The more he wrote, the more foolish & uneducated he sounded. I only debate contemporaries. I don't waste my energy with people who are dense OR don't want to learn. (As one current example, Rihanna's production team has increasingly been sneaking soca & calypso elements into her music. Her diverse white/black audience LOVES IT! This @Max Cartz kid is a fool). If he doesn't like Caribbean music, then WHY was he even on the post?


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