Cassi – Break Record “2017 Soca” (Trinidad) mp3 download


[Official] / Subscribe: | Written By: Cassiano Sylvester
Produced & Mixed by: Don Iko / Martian Music
Mastered by: NMG Music

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  1. I'm almost certain that this one is gonna be big just as the others were🎼…and definitely this song can break records… All the best to you for carnival 2017!!! Just have faith,keep pushing and praying and leave the rest up to god… Hear nahhh mannnn ..what make Dem feel #Cassi cant break a wholeeeee record??? Wait for it..

  2. Just thanking all my friends, fans and followers for supporting me all through the years cause I couldn't get this far without you guys!!!
    So this is Cassi saying thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Break ah record!!!


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