Sara Lugo feat. Ras Muhamad – Learn & Grow [Official Video 2016] mp3 download


Camera : Valentin Campagnie / Alejandro Jimenez / Gustavo Jimenez / Fernando Fonseca / 
Cutting / Post prod : Guillaume Agostini
Management Sara Lugo : Manuel Garcia
Management Ras Muhamad : Adipradana Punang 

Sara Lugo special thanks to : Rising Sound ®, (Ernesto, Edwin etc…), Marc, Cerveza Imperial ®,   Doubletree Cariari by Hilton Hotel, Morgan’s Cove Resort and Casino, Club Vertigo, CCS Lounge, Volcan Look Disco, The Next Generation Family (Sumalee, Jan, Fishy, Manu, Yvan, Daniel), Frank (bus driver),  and last but not least, YOU Costarican massive, thank you for the positive energy, support you give me everytime ! 
More Love*

Produced by Frank “Pollens” Pollak
Music: Frank Pollak, Moritz von Korff, Giuseppe Coppola
Main Vocals : Sara Lugo, Ras Muhamad
Drums & Percussion: Giuseppe “Big Finga” Coppola
Bass: Moritz “DaBaron” v.Korff
Keys: Frank “Pollensi” Pollak
Guitar: Uli “Ulinjah”Czermak
Mixed and Mastered by Umberto Echo
Label: Oneness Records

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  1. i hope my daughter grows like u, beautiful. i love the begining of that song, how u started it sra. ras is good too but u just killed it, like, this is ur song. this is the 1st time i have ever heard or seen u. i know ras muh but its my 1st time with u. i guess u love the roots. reggae rock n roll,. most youngstas seek truth 16 to 21, hope u find Guidance.

    peace, salam

  2. im inna hard time right now, got to make a hard descision for my live and my happyiness , stay here with my lovin Girlfriend and my family or get up to explore the World… but this song gaves me strength and hope that dont matter what i decide it will be the right thing

  3. mi bunas stanza la'….titala' la suerte kalida y karika….ticotaco on brilla mind….fight fulll i lika dat system..,Bless and love….curatt!!!


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