Eempey Slicker & Ricky T – Freaky Girls (Official Music Video) “2017 Soca” [HD] mp3 download


[Official] / Subscribe: | Written By Courtney “Curty” Louis, Ricky Joseph & Miguel Paul
Keys By Courtney “Curty” Louis & Alison Fingarz
Percussions By Gregory Emmanuel
Produced By Stratosphere Muzic
Mixed By Courtney “Curty” Louis
Mastered By Courtney “Curty” Louis

Feeling Groovy with Freaky Girls!
Another club banger coming from Stratosphere Muzic. This time combining St. Lucia and the United States on an International Groovy Soca Fusion Level!
Freaky Girls was written by Courtney ‘Curty’ Louis, Ricky ‘Ricky T’ Joseph and Miguel ‘Eempey Slicker’ Paul, with keys by Courtney ‘Curty’ Louis & Alli “Sirfingaz” Lawrence, percussions by Gregory Paul and Background Vocals by Melissa ‘QPID’ Moses.
Stratosphere Muzic introduces rapper Eempey Slicker out of the US with his fresh voice and scintillating rhymes to join the master of lyrics himself Ricky T on this Groovy Soca Fusion track. It’s all about the ladies with this one!! It’s one of a kind and one to request non stop!
Request “Freaky Girls” by Ricky T and Eempey Slicker today!!

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  1. Ricky T biggest vincy fan, me! but for some reason I don't like this video the ladies spoil the video and ricky normally have so much energy that I like but just didn't see it in this one but hey ricky ah di boss ah lucia still love him music bad bad bad.


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