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Tracklist :

0:00 – African Safari
4:03 – Sunset over the Wilderness
7:38 – African Savannah
11:47 – The Watering Hole
14:54 – Heart of Africa
17:56 – Serengeti
21:25 – African Lions
24:55 – Mount Kilimanjaro
28:29 – Monkey Rainforest
32:31 – Deep in the Congo
36:02 – Jungle Wildlife
39:22 – Tribal Lands
42:36 – African Village
45:52 – Mali
49:10 – Guinea
52:41 – Zimbabwe
56:10 – Seashell Beach
59:27 – African Breeze
1:03:03 – Island Sands

These beautiful pictures are from IvaCastro (1st pic), Andrew-Art (2nd pic), Myrailon (3rd pic), Ken Kistler (4th pic), ValeriaRodrigues (5th pic), Annabel Symington (6th pic), Jurgen (7th pic), Macvivo (8th pic), and Jean-Marie Hullot (9th pic).

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~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~


  1. Derek & Brandon, una forma de agradecer a los autores de una obra es resaltando su nombre; asi como lo hacen ustedes con los dueños de las fotos debieron hacer lo mismo con los autores o intérpretes de la música de esta selección. Thanks.

  2. Love all the butthurt people saying this doesn't represent Africa, so they put modern african artists in here.
    People, this is African "classical" music, since classical music as we know it, it's European, this is the equivalent for Africa, this is their music, beautiful and different. Africa is a big continent, full of different cultures, but one thing they share is the color Africa has, this music makes me thing COLOR, LIFE, SUNSHINE AND HAPPINESS.
    European classical music has a melancholic tone, due to depression, and rain, and suicide and illness, which were popping on those times.
    Every music is different, let's just enjoy this very traditional African music, why deny this is African? This is unique and exclusive to Africa, enjoy it.

  3. Hi Derek and Brandon,

    I was working with a rainwater tank project in Uganda through Engineers Without Borders at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in Sweden. I decided to make a short film that summarizes the project and I'm wondering if I can use your music in the background? I have mentioned your name and the name of the song in the description. So this project is basically a schoolproject in cooperation with a nonprofit organization. Here is the link of my film:

    I look forward to hear from you soon!


  4. Great for reading "Long Walk To Freedom"! I typically like too listen to these guys' different soundtracks depending on what I'm reading. Helps me get more immersed into what I'm reading.

  5. They should play this compilation at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, perhaps at Boma or Jiko, the African restaurants in the hotel. It would be a perfect background music loop!


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