Bunji Garlin – Girls Town “2016 Soca” (Trinidad) mp3 download


[Official] http://Julianspromos.com / Subscribe to Channel: http://tiny.cc/YTubeSubscribe | Written by Ian Alvarez co written by Fay-Ann Lyons
Produced by Nikholai Greene
Co-Produced by Kyle Joseph
Additional Background Vocals by Kevin Charles
Mixed and Mastered by Nikholai Greene

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  1. bunji used to b de soca dan…..used to…..
    yea he makin tune fuh a global audience nw……bt dnt frget wer u cm frm…..
    "wen yuh rock back so an yuh cock back so"
    that is who we are as trinis
    rum n bare vybz n bachannal

  2. so trini artists must only make music for carnival. that's the box we wanna put out artists in. it's because of men like him ,Monke, nappy, sekon sta,ola just to name a few. we have quality music. after carnival artist travelling. we must never forsake our culture but at the same time we have to evolve. Sometimes we as fans will be like oh gosh ah next rum song. let them explore. he have other authentic soca music. this one just showing versatility and u can still chip to this. like come on now.

  3. In America This is Not Called SOCA it Is Called Pop Music …………. FYI…….So Please Take SOCA Outta This Genre. Thank You…..People are Loosing Sight of there Culture to this non-sense. It is bad enuff that we get enuff of that sound already over in the states. And When your trying to listen something unique and close to home, you cant because it sounds the same.if Bunji Wants to go Global tell him to Move to America and Be An International Star Period. This is Not A Next Level of Soca……. This is the Next Level to Kill out the culture. Chippid Ppl……..And Please Tell me what Reggae song you heard good for year. If y'all chippid PPL will pay attention to reggae you will see that reggae is stating to go back to basic reggae, because they tried to evolve Reggae and it didnt work. MANY OF REGGAE ARTIST HAVE COMPLAIN ABOUT IT !! Read up on it.


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